Looking for Investors

Professional or individual investors are welcome to join us at Jetbeetle company to help us achieve our common goals. There are some rules that we must observe when we receive offers from potential investors, so please read the information on this page carefully to decide if investing is for you.



Seek Independent Profession Advise Jetbeetle after more than 17 years of establishment, has accumulated the technologies and knowhow of turbojet engines for UAV and Target Drones, it is not at start up phase, Ventures are not considered high risk. But it is vital that independent, industry specific, expert advice as well as independent financial advice is sought prior to making an investment decision.
Jetbeetle Group Goals
  • Developing advanced small turbofan and turboshaft engines which well suit recreational aviation and experimental aviation and fill the gap in the availability in the markets and put them into production.
  • Developing compact, light weight, high efficient yet powerful micro turbine generators as range extenders which well suit pure EV (electric vehicle) market.
  • Continue existing turbojet products which well suits UAV market at a rate commensurate with funds available.
  • Acquisition of more advanced manufacturing equipment and new property which keeps up with company growth.
  • Helping customers developing specific applications which are potentially niche markets.
  • Short term objective is to raise $2M USD.
Request  Current Development Status Current development status or CDS involves the engine projects (turbofan and turboshaft) we are working on, is strictly confidential, to filter out the requests from rival companies, we need potential investors to donate at least $200 to send  your request for RCDS and get your copy of CDS : 

If you wish to donate, contact Horace or use the following Paypal link  :

Request Current Development Status
Minimum Package
  • The minimum investment option is $25,000USD invested as purchase of Jetbeetle shareholding you will receive a 1% company share.
Special Incentive Offer
  • For every $100,000USD invested as purchase of Jetbeetle shareholding you will receive a 5% company share.
  • Investing a specific underdevelopment project and receives shares of IP ownership is subject to negotiation.
  • The shareholding must be taken as a single investment package.
  • This offer is for the original participant only and is not transferable.
  • For shareholder of more than 10%, shareholder can be selected (at their own wish) as dealer in their original country and receive a 10% reduction in purchase price.
Right of Veto. Jetbeetle Propulsion Systems Inc. reserves the right to selectively reject any application for shareholding without disclosing any reason for the rejection.