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2007.03.10 - Ping-Tung Airshow

Model airplane in the airshow.   

2007.03.10 - Ping-Tung Airshow

Under the big turboprop engine of E2000 early warning system is my daughter. No I didn't tell Pauline to hold the propeller blade like that.

T-52A-427 is a beautiful engine, 5100 HP.   


2007.03.10 - Ping-Tung Airshow

T-56-A-15 is a turboprop engine, 4200HP each, this C130H has 4 of them.

2010 one day in Summer - The Love river and the love boat - Kaohsiung City
2011.02 My daughter's pet - African Grey Parrot
2011.03.18 8:30PM Super moon - the biggest moon ever seen in 20 years.