Come and join us as a dealer !



Market The current Jetbeetle products are for UAV markets. If you are experts in UAV category, email us for the opportunity of becoming our dealers. We are also developing turboshaft and turbofan products suitable for manned applications such as :
  • Recreational aviation
  • Sport aviation
  • Experimental aviation

Join us for the enormous market of 500,000 populations worldwide.

Requirement Company, workshop, or individual, experienced in maintenance, operation, distribution of micro / mini / small jet engines.
Area All countries in the world are welcomed.
  • Capable of promoting sales, or,
  • Capable of promoting sales and doing some basic after services, or,
  • Capable of promoting sales and doing complete after services.
  • If you could be a service and maintenance hub, for example. Europe, North America etc. that will be a plus.
  • If you are applying as a dealer please specify which kind of dealership you'd like to apply.
  • please check the contact page for details.
  • USA : Vacant
  • Europe : Vacant
  • Australia : Vacant