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Mantis H250 - 250lbt Turbojet Engine

H250A &B



Max thrust (5 min rating): 275 lb 125 kgf
Max continuous thrust: 250 lb 113 kgf
Engine weight: 45 lb 20 kg
Weight with starter: 50 lb 23 kg
Max RPM: 58,000 RPM  
Diameter: 9.84 in 250 mm
Length: 19.5 in 495 mm
Length with starter: 22.6 in 575 mm

H250A --- Propane start 250lbt turbojet engine.

H250B --- Direct kerosene start 250lbt turbojet engine.

H250C --- Direct kerosene start 250lbf turbojet engine, with 1000W generator which is direct shaft mounted.

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Locust H170 - 170lbt turbojet Engine


Max thrust (5 min rating): 170 lb 77 kgf
Max continuous thrust 154 lb 70 kgf
Engine weight: 28.6 lb 13 kg
Weight with starter: 30 lb 13.5 kg
Max RPM: 75,000 RPM  
Diameter: 8.15 in 207 mm
Length: 17.9 in 455 mm
Length with starter: 22.4 in 568 mm

H170A --- Propane start 170lbt turbojet engine.

H170B --- Direct kerosene start 170lbt turbojet engine.

H170C --- Direct kerosene start 170lbf turbojet engine, with 200W generator which is direct shaft mounted.

Note : H170's predecessor, H150R, is still available at lower price.

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Tarantula H100 - 105lbt turbojet engine

Max thrust (5 min rating): 105 lb 45.4 kg
Max continuous thrust: 90 lb 40.9 kg
Engine weight: 15.4 lb 7 kg
Weight with starter: 16.5 lb 7.5 kg
Max RPM: 88,000 RPM  
Diameter: 6.5 in 165 mm
Length: 13.6 in 345 mm
Length with starter: 18.7 in 475 mm

Note : H90 has been renamed as H100 due to the fact that it can puts out more than 100lb of max thrust.

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Accessories - Fuel Pump


Fluid Medium Kerosene/Diesel  
Norminal Pressure 8 bar 118Psi
Max Pressure 13 bar 190Psi
Norminal Flow Rate 2.5L/min 40gallon/hr
Norminal Current 3A  
Max Current 10A  
Norminal Voltage DC 18V  
Weight 400g 0.88lb
Dimension DxL 45mmx112mm 1.77" x 4.4"

High pressure gear pump, precision CNC machined parts, aluminum body anodize hardened. Driven by high performance DC motor which features all ball bearings with very low friction. Ideal solution for turbojet engines from  70kgt up to 125kgt max thrust.

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Parts - Turbine Wheel and NGV


Jetbeetle custom cast turbine wheels, NGV for you, covering sizes from 55mm, 60mm, 66mm, 70mm, 90mm,130mm,145mm and any sizes in between, you name it, we build it.

Available parts in our inventory :

  • 15lbf : 55mm / 56 mm size turbine wheels and NGVs, Wren MW54 compatible and more powerful !
  • 20lbf : World's very first 61mm size turbine wheels and NGVs,  made for WASP H20 engines.  Most 8-9kg thrust engines in the market copied this product. 
  • 50lbf : 84mm size turbine wheels and NGVs
  • All with redesigns for improving the blade's mechanical strength and aerodynamic performance, so that it is near optimization.
  • We provide boring / machining / sizing / balancing services. 

Ceramic ball bearings for micro/mini/small turbojets :

  • Send the sizes you need we will provide quote.

Jetbeetle reserves the right to alter specification of this wheel supplied as dictated by design, development, improvement and availability.

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Equipment - ARX Dynamic Balancer


Jetbeetle's new double plane, PC based dynamic balancer, this is built for all micro turbine builders, runs on Windows XP/Vista, low cost, accurate, user friendly, complete with 6 kinds of support types. A nice choice of updating your old, legacy balancer system to a modern one !

Suitable for rotors that weigh from 0.05kg-3.0kg*.

Options :

1. Software only (one DAQ Card included);

2. Software + Instrumentation including : one Data Acquisition Card, two vibration sensors(accelerometers and signal conditioner, power supply, cables see figure 3), one phase sensor;

3. Complete System (software, instrumentation, PC and machine, ready to run);

*Software and instrumentation are general purpose, no limitation on the rotor weights. Supports, motor however are rotor weight/inertial limited. So with our software, instrumentation and your own support and motor, you can do very big rotors w/o problems !

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