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  Christian Norman Dear Sir,

I have tried your software for calculation of critical rotational speed. I
find this program very handy and easy to use on small gas turbine engine
projects. I have even used it for a small turbopump with much success.

Now I am interested to know what kind of formulas the calculation is based on
because I need to prove the calculation of the software for use as a
reference. Do you think you can help me with this?

And I also wonder if it is possible for me to use this program to educate
others in rotational dynamics.


Christian Norman

Aeronautical Engineering


  Troy Pekkala I am very interested and enlightened after browsing your website. I am a computer engineer in the United States from the state of Ohio. I am facinated by jet engines and hope to someday design and build my very own jet engine too! I will check your site regularly to see what updates you have posted in regards to your engine and progress. Keep up the good work and I'll be in touch!


  Scott Southam Hi Horace. My name is Scott, Im 19 and from Australia. I just wanted to say how much I love your website. Lots of information on it. The X-150 looks like a great engine. I've been wanting to build my own jet engine for a long time now so im hoping that i can now with the help of your website. I currently own a 12lb Jet Joe engine that i just run on my bench. I've been very interested in jet engines for a long time now and I work for Pratt and Whitney Canada in Brisbane. Once again thankyou for your website


  scotty word I think tat your site is the best I have found that has to do with jet engine. I have been building a turbo jet and a pulse jet, And it is hard to find info on these things. I am very interested in jet turbines . I also would like to purchase one of your engines. thanks Scott Word


  Chris Adams I am having a great time reading about your design, engineering, and creation of your jet engine. You are doing a very good job at detailing the tasks involved, especially using the video clips. I especially enjoy the CNC videos. I am looking forward to being able to purchase one of your engine kits.


  Chase Hello! I am very impressed with your inovations in small turbine engines. I admire your willingness to share the knowlege and make parts available to people that don't have the resorces to develope their own eninges. I would like to see a small turbo fan engine introduced into the market that can power a regular aircraft to commute in. It's a matter of time when it happens. I will be visiting your site frequently and good luck to your products!


wow , horace - a true genius. im currently studying mechanical engineering at huddersfield university in england. ive also nearly finished my first jet engine which is the schreckling FD3/64 your work is truly inspirational and i hope one day i can achieve your persistance, skill and workmanship. long live the jet engine!


    More to come