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Sand Blaster



Sand Blast chamber of our DIY sand blasting workstation.  First we laser cut the parts from sheet metal then weld them together.  Do not forget to add a door for inside maintenance. On the right we have a sight glass hole and two round hand holes.

We decided to make a sand blast workstation due to frequent usage. 

Hopper for collecting the sand. It looks like a pyramid after I welded them together. Nope I'm not a professional welder, but I could manage to get welding done.

Warning welding is very dangerous unless you are trained or being instructed by others, do not try it at home.

Finally got everything welded. This includes hopper and legs for supporting the whole workstation. Top is being sealed too.

Accessories are still missing, they include : sight glass, gloves, some hoses, lighting, etc.

Oh yeah, it's better to weld two lugs for lifting purpose.   

Sand blast gun sourced from eBay. You can get one at cost of around US$30.0. This is not an ideal one however, due to two reasons

1. the sand is one through, not so economical, we'll make the sand recycled.

2. it works in open space and cause a lot of pollution. we already have a chamber, so dusts will be enclosed in the close space..

The chamber standing on it's legs. The whole chamber and legs weight about 100kg.

The legs may look weak but they are absolutely strong enough for supporting 100kgs.

The piping. The transparent hose is for sand, and the blue one is for compressed air.

In the corner you see a bag of alumina sand. 


The hand holes. If you're not good at needle and thread, Go find an unused trouser, cut the legs and use them as curtain of hand holes.

OK, connect the air hose, turn on the light inside( not shown though), my DIY sand blaster is ready. I have tried using it, and it works perfectly. Yeah, I know, painting the outside is needed.  BTW, it takes around US$1000-1200 to buy a commercially available sand blaster of this size, buy my DIY version costs around US$200.0 only (assuming my labor cost is zero, ha).


Sand blaster sample. Pretty nice the surface color after sand blasting, before processing it looked kind of dark and after it looks bright color.