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                                                                            Last updated 10th Apr 2024

Picture : Jetbeetle Turboshaft Engine HT60R with Recuperator

The AIM of Jetbeetle  is to design and build affordable jet engines that move very fast, very safe and very reliable you could really depend on !

Hello!   Welcome to Jetbeetle's official website ! My name is Horace, T.L.Ho, a jet engine designer with many years of experience.  This website is designed as a platform  for sharing information and the general interest into turbine engine, topics including turbojet, turbofan, turboprop, and turboshaft. This website also documents the development of my engine projects. Thanks for visiting and spending some time.

We hope that through this website we could provide different aspects into turbojet engine, including activities of detail design, production, system integration, assembling, testing and tuning, maintenance etc.

Through these years of hard works here is a list of what we have done  :

  • a series of small jet engines, they are H350 / H250 / H200 / H150, (check the products page for more details), In which, H350 and H200 are equipped with two stages compressors,
  •  some software tools such as CRS (critical rotational speed calculator) and Turbosmith (turbine engine cycle analysis) to aid the design of jet engines, (check download page),
  • We even developed our own double plane dynamic balancer ARX ! (check the products page for more details), revision comes to V3 2023.
  • A most advanced ECU (engine control unit) in its class, 
  • Developing a big turbojet engine Hornet H700 suitable for missile applications,
  • An advanced small geared turbofan engine Dragonfly HGF500 that can change the experimental aviation, is on its way to reality very soon, pre-orders accepted, please contact us.
  • World renowned military aerial target Banshee NG jet, originally powered by twin 40kg turbojets now the Banshee is powered by a single Jetbeetle H150 with great success.
  • and we still have a lot of things to do !

We have been categorized by the MOEA (Ministry of Economics Affairs) of our government in UAV (Unmanned Aerial Vehicle) sector, check this out : UAS in Taiwan. The upcoming year will be very exciting, with all the new engines and possibilities.

The following is a collection of  articles of the recent engine development activities.
Article Last Update Article Last Update Article Last Update
1a Chart H200 Thrust Imp 29 Sep '23 2a Chart H350 Thrust Imp 1 Oct '23 3a Chart HGF500 SFC 1 Oct '23
1b Chart H200 FC Imp 3 Oct '23 2b Chart H350 FC Imp 1 Oct '23 3b HGF500 FC at 200kts 3 Oct '23
1c     2c Chart H350 FC at 169kts 18 Oct '23 3c HGF500 Picture 3 Oct '23
4a Chart HT60R Curves Imp 11 Feb '24 5a HF260 FC at 200kts 25 Jan '24 6a    
4b     5b     6b    
4c     5c     6c    

The following is a collection of older articles of the engine development activities. We chose to let the pictures speak for themselves.  Stay tune and enjoy !
Article Last Update Article Last Update Article Last Update


Turbine Wheel 21 Jan '06


Compressor 17 Dec  '06


Diffuser 19 Apr  '05


NGV 21 Oct '05 05 Shaft 14 Mar '05 06 Combustion Chamber 16 Apr  '05
07 Tail Cone 21 Dec '04 08 Assembly 09 Jan '08 09 Shaft Design Software : CRS 15 Mar  '07
10 Twin Spool 04 Mar '05 11 Balancer 06 Mar  11 12 Test Stand 09 Jan '08
13 Starter Motor 24 Dec '05 14 Planetary Gearbox 14 Apr  '05 15 My Turbine Collection 15 Mar  '07
16 ECU 13 Aug '13 17 Fuel pump and Misc. 09 Jan '08 18 Engine Test Run 01 Jul;  12
19 Oshkosh Airventure 2013 17 Aug '13 20 A DIY Sand Blaster 15 Dec '06      

Jetbeetle Propulsion Systems, Inc. is a legal company registered in Taiwan, specialized in small aerospace engines. Small company we are, but we have strong engineering power to compete with bigger companies. We have a dream, that is to play an important role in delivering low cost aerospace systems affordable by ordinary people.

Disclaimer : Gas turbine is dangerous and is by no means a toy. If anyone should intend to build or use any kind of gas turbine, they should be aware of the danger inherent to these devices. I will not be held liable for any damage, injury or even fatality that may result from building or operating devices as per the information given throughout this web site.