X-150 - A Micro Turbojet Engine

Watch me build my engine from scratch !

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Twin-Spool Design



Pushing the very limit of homebuilders' ability ! Are we homebuilders going to be satisfied with building the single staged/single spool turbine engine for good? Why don't we march a step toward the commercial engine of multi-spool design? Well, please allow me; I have made this attempt for you.  Take a look at our twin-spool design. It is for our next generation engine - the turboprop.  A twin-spool design isn't so advanced for a commercial jet, in fact they are mostly 3-spooled. But building twin-spool engine for homebuilders is going to be a big challenge !
The flow diagram of our twin-spool engine. No axial flow compressors as this means many stages needed and hence high costs might not be affordable by homebuilders ! On the other hand, to design a nice single staged centrifugal compressor capable of delivering high pressure ratio for our use is quite challenging too.
Jetbeetle's twin spooled Turbofan design. Nothing much can be said for the time being.