X-150 - A Micro Turbojet Engine

Watch me build my engine from scratch !

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My Turbine Collection



I got this Titanium fan blade from eBay, it was out of a Harrier Pegasus vectored thrust engine. I put together my own turbine of dia 130mm for size comparison. It costs more than 2000 when new, but now since it is not air-worthiness,  you can get it at a cost of about 30. Manufactured , in 1980s by investment casting I believe. Don't know how many hours it has served, but from the back you can see some pitting on it, I think this is the reason it get retired from servicing. Note the fir tree root and mid-span shroud. Click on the picture to see full size view.
Cut away view of Rolls-Royce Pegasus vectored thrust engine. Note that the copyright of this picture has expired. The blade I have is the first stage fan (compressor LP1) as seen from the intake of the engine, the mid-span shrouds or brace is for reducing the vibration and reinforcing the strength of the blades. 4 vectored thrust nozzles two of which are cold while the rest are hot. Click on the picture to see full size view.
This blade was used in compressor stage of GE J-85/CJ-610, J-86 powered USAF T-38 Talon and CJ-610 powered Learjet.   Blade made of Titanium, measures 4 3/4 inches long, very thin walled, strong and light weight. After assembled it measures 14 1/2 inches across. Note the blade root, not a fir tree root anymore, but a bolt joint with 1/4 inch holes.
J-85 engine. Each J-85 produces 2,850 lbs. of thrust, yet weighs only 395 lbs, has a Specific Fuel Consumption value of 0.99.
This is a turbine blade out of an unknown engine. The reason I put it here is that it is a nice demonstration of a typical impulse-reaction blade.  It features both the impulse and reaction section, impulse at root section, reaction at tip section.