X-150 - A Micro Turbojet Engine

Watch me build my engine from scratch !

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Starter Motor



Starter motor candidates. I think the middle one with max torque 7.43 Kg-Cm will be the best one. Based on the middle motor, the left one has about half the torque, right one has about double the torque.
Starter motor and Bendix clutch. Thanks to my UK friend Phill for providing the Bendix clutch.
Click on the picture to see the test run of Bendix clutch.
Motor mounted in a aluminum casing.
Starter motor will be secured to engine by these legs.
Support for starter motor. It is laser cut from stainless sheet, not yet been drilled and tapped.
Drilled and tapped. We then bend the legs to correct angle.
The 4 legs of motor support have been bended by low tech, yes what we have used were nothing but hammer and vise. Now it has 4 jaws ready to work. Yeah, hammering process is not precise will definitely cause wide spread tolerances, well, when into production we'll use something different.
Motor bolted onto the intake, looks good. Later it is checked and fine tuned for precise alignment. The strength of the support is quite good, because for each leg it is 3mm thick.
Side view of starter motor assembled.
Compressor nut tightened. Be sure you get a nut that doesn't wobble when the shaft is turning.
Checking the tolerance between compressor nut and bendix clutch. Looks good.